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Efficient and Cost-effective Phone Solutions for Your Business

Enhance Your Business Communication with Advanced Features and Integration. Customisable Call Flow, Voice Recorded Menus, and Call Reporting. Unlimited Calls, National, and Mobiles: $25 per extension. Robust Cloud IPPBX with Microsoft Teams Integration.

Phone Systems Modern Handset

Everyone, Anywhere.

Office and Remote Staff. All in one place.

Our cloud phone system seamlessly connects office and remote workers, ensuring unified communication, flexibility, and collaboration. Experience crystal-clear calls, virtual meetings, and enhanced productivity from any location.

Integrate Microsoft Teams with our cloud phone system for a unified communication experience. Stay connected, collaborate effortlessly, and boost productivity across your organisation with seamless voice and video calls.

A Robust System that meets the budget.

Experience a robust cloud phone system that doesn’t break the bank. Our solution combines reliability, advanced features, and cost-effectiveness, providing exceptional value for your business communication needs. Learn more in our e-Book.

Employees find cloud phone systems more convenient and flexible for remote work.


Streamlining call flow and voice recorded menus can reduce customer wait times by up to 30%


Unlimited Calls, National, and Mobiles: $25 per extension

Call Routing and Forwarding

Never miss a call again. Route your incoming calls to your mobile, other co-workers, a different department or your voicemail based on predefined rules. Set up call forwarding to ensure calls are forwarded to the right person or device, and never miss a call again.

Auto Attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create customised voice menus to greet callers and provide self-service options. Allow callers to navigate through menu options using their phone keypad. Create a better experience for your callers to keep them engaged and satisfied.

Want an estimate? Use our Quick Quote Below

Get an estimate now.

Use our Quick Quote calculator to give you an indication of the costs of our solution. For an accurate and instant quote we recommend you contact us so we can gather all the information we need. Here are some definitions to help you fill the fields below:


  • # Extensions: This is the head count. How many people need a phone.
  • # Lines: How many phone lines you currently have. Most businesses have 1 or 2. These lines are the ones your clients dial to get in touch with you.
  • # Handsets: This is the number of telephone handsets you would like. If you prefer softphones then enter 0 here.
  • # Softphones: This is the number softphones (App Phones) you will require. This is a way of using your computer, phone or tablet to make and take phone calls.
  • MS Teams Integration: This will integrate our system with Microsoft Teams if you are already using Teams. If you are not we can also do that for you as part of this solution.
  • Onsite Installation: We will have an onsite technician to help you install any required hardware.
    Remote Installation Assistance: We deliver any hardware to you and we assist you over the phone with your installation.

Flexible Installation. Onsite or Plug and Play Delivery


Call our team to finalise your quote according to your business requirements. Place an order.


We get to work. The implementation can take up to 8 weeks. Specially if we need to deal with your existing carrier.


We deliver your system. Training all your staff and continue to support you over time.

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