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Streamlined, Sustainable and Smart!

Simplify workflows and eliminate manual processes. All your forms in a digital place, manage your data flow and create reports.

Our innovative solutions empower you to streamline operations, reduce costs, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Smart Form - Paperless - paper_stacks
Smart Form - Paperless - Mobile_Dashboard

Transform Your Business with Paperless Efficiency

Forms, Contracts, Job Management and More

Smart, paperless mobile forms using more than twenty smart features to collect information for all scenarios. Smart Forms replace your Old paper forms and hove so many cooI features: Draw on Photos, Simple sign on-screen • desktop, tablet or mobile for instant confirmation.

By digitalising paper forms and their related workflows, our solution transforms business processes. Automated time, date and GPS stamping, forcing mandatory fields, automated calculations, integrated camera and photo tagging, QR and barcode readers with automated database lookup, and so many other integrated tools ensure al of your
business processes are fast, compliant and accurate.

Smart Form - Paperless - Job Management Dashboard

A Cost-Effective Solution

Cut expenses on printing, storage, and paper supplies. Companies that implement paperless solutions typically experience a 25% reduction in paper-related costs. Learn more about our prices in our e-Book.


Paperless document management can reduce the risk of unauthorized access by 63% compared to traditional paper-based systems.

10,000 Sheets

On average, an Australian office will use 10,000 sheets of A4 paper per year.

18 Minutes

The average time spent searching for paper documents is around 18 minutes per document.

Digital Forms; Compliant and Secure

Our Paperless Solution will help enhance your business’ compliance and security by implementing robust access controls, encrypted data storage, and audit trails, ensuring sensitive information remains protected and meets regulatory requirements.

Smart Form - Paperless - Access Control

Job Management and Notifications

Jobs are created in the cloud scheduler with job type templates accelerating dispatch times. Custom naming and colours enable real-time visibility as jobs change status from creation to completion. Automated SMS, Email and Task notifications deliver the highest level of communication to both customers and the internal team.

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