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By: Fargo, ND – Valley News Live

Roblox claims 50 million users a month and say it’s the world’s number one gaming site for kids. The site is facing some backlash after tweens have gotten into some awful situations.

Kayla Wainscott, a Jamestown native who lives in Moorhead, said she knows there’s going to come a time when she and her husband won’t be able to shield their daughter from everything online.

“I think that’s the scary part of it, the predators out there,” Wainscott said.

Wainscott said you have to start teaching your kids early about online safety.

“There are digital citizenship courses in school now,” Wainscott said. “The hope is that they’ll take the courses every year and know what to do when they’re faced with a tough situation.”

Along with courses in school and talks from parents, Wainscott said monitoring your child’s online behavior is very easy.

“There’s a lot of apps out there so you can kind of see what they’re doing, check that history and let you know,” Wainscott said. “Notify you when they’re going on certain sites.”

Roblox has made changes after the reports of inappropriate behavior.
Parents can shut-off the chat function and if your child is under 13 years of age, their account will be clearly marked.

Source: Valley News Live