At the Beach Geek We Speak A Language You Understand.

Local, Friendly and Reliable. We know what we are talking about.

We are a local firm, established in the Northern Beaches and servicing our local community and those around us always with a smile.

With over 20 years experience in the field, the Beach Geek is that Guru you have been looking for to help you cope with technology.

Different from other computer service suppliers available, we believe you do not only deserve the best service, but also someone who can speak plain English and let you know exactly what is happening and why. Our customers value this the most over many technical solutions.

Affordable and Fair prices is something we stand for. Service at your location, we come to you and we will be there for your next challenge. With a flexible range of services, checkout our Pricing page to get an idea of our consultation fees and pick the services that suit you.

We Understand Small Businesses Structure, Precisely Because We Are One.

Having worked for the corporate world, the Beach Geek founder has acquired over the years an invaluable amount of knowledge regarding IT Infrastructure and Systems and his passion is to bring this knowledge to small business owners to give them the leverage they need in today’s world to get the right technology working for them.

Our Small Business Services are focused on giving your small business the opportunity to have access to an IT Infrastructure Manager that will look after your systems and solutions and help you make informed decisions regarding the use of technology, vendors and IT Infrastructure that best suits your business within a budget that is designed for small businesses.

The Service is tailored to your businesses needs, however the advise and knowledge is not limited, whether your business is starting as a micro venture or growing rapidly, the need for technology can be overwhelming and it is a job best left to experts, that achieves one thing..

Freeing You From IT Duties And Let You Concentrate In What You Do Best, Grow Your Business!

What makes us different from other firms is the ability to get your business out of a vulnerable and risky position by using tools and methodology that corporate firms use and that is valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It all starts with your first consultation, we like to call it DiSC (Discovery Score Card) here you get to chat with us, face to face without pressure about how your business runs, what its purpose is and the challenges you may be facing.

This session enables us to gather the necessary information we require to complete the Score Card and analyse it using our IT Infrastructure Risk Matrix, the result is an interesting combination of strengths and weaknesses about your current IT Infrastructure state and the recommendations to start lowering these risks and get your IT Infrastructure on track.

Start Now By Making An Appointment For Your DiSC Session.