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By: David Knox – MeeM Memory


With the advent of digital cameras and camera phones we take far more photos than we ever did before. It’s wonderful to capture all these memories but we can end up with so many we don’t look at any of them. Let’s face it; some of them aren’t worth looking at again. How often do you look at a photo but you can’t work out why you even took it? There are some photos however that are worth savouring and sharing with friends, family or even the wider pubic.

Having a photo album of those would be a great thing to show your grandchildren, but the task of editing and sorting can seem rather daunting. Here are some tips to help make that task easier, without the need to resort to old school limited film and disposables (unless you want to that is!).

Sort Through the Best

Don’t wait until you have too many photos before sorting them. After an event sit down and sort through the photos you have taken. Give yourself a limit on how many you are going to keep. If you have multiple pictures of the same thing keep the best one, and be just a little bit ruthless. Remember, if you are going to share the pictures, people don’t want to see every single picture you took, just enough to give an overall impression of the event.

Don’t Bother with Photoshop

For those most part we are not professional photographers. Embrace those imperfections, as they are part of the memory you captured. Unless the photograph is for a special purpose then don’t worry about editing things out.

Make an Album of the Best Online

Facebook is a great way of sharing your photos with family and friends. Remember if you prefer to keep your pictures private you can select the audience that can see them. Change your privacy settings or for those people not on Facebook use another photo sharing tool such as Flickr or Dropbox.

Get Them Printed

Pick your best images and have them printed. You could get big prints to hang on your walls, or have them printed on mugs or coasters so you could share them with friends and family! Grandparents in particular tend to love photo gifts.

Make A Real Album or Scrapbook

Whilst having your photos online is great, nothing beats the nostalgia of a photo album and sitting down to look through the memories – especially with grandchildren. Photos can be a real memory aid for the older generations as well.

However you choose to keep or display your photographs, precious memories shouldn’t be kept in your phone for no one else to see. So why not savour your photos in one (or more) of the ways above, and really enjoy sharing your memories with your loved ones.

It might be a while before you get round to doing the above (we know you’ll likely be leading busy cosmopolitan lives!), remember to quickly back-up your data using your MEEM Cable – then you’ll have copies of your photos should the worst happen to your phone in the mean time.

Source: MeeM Memory