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With a vast range of services and skills we are sure to solve your problem. Browse below to see some of the services we have been offering our customers.

Computers Driving You Mad? Allow Us To Step In And Set That Thing Straight!

We hear you, but not to worry, with our experience we are sure to solve your problem. Browse below to see some of the services we have been offering our customers.

Our View On Service Offers

The Idea behind these lists is not to look like Jack of all trades, instead to give you an idea of all the combined knowledge and skills our guys have acquired over the years working for Corporate Clients and Small Businesses, Helping Residential Customers, Studying and Experimenting with different technologies and Keeping Up with the new trends.

Our Services are divided into categories and you can expand each category to know more about it. On the right we have listed the most common items we have found while servicing our clients at their Homes or Offices. Keep scrolling down and you will find our vast range of services mostly focused to Small Businesses.

However we don’t stop at this, our service range expands as we gain experience and support new technologies and if you have a specific challenge you can’t find in these lists, please feel free to give us a call and if we cannot help you we will work with you to point you in the right direction.

Everyday Maintenance Service at your Home or Office
WiFi and Broadband Setup
Data Transfers between your old and new computers
Virus and Malware Removal
General checkup for all platforms: Mac and Windows PC.
Email and Calendar Sync across devices
Macs, iPhones and iPads.
Windows PCs from XP to Windows 8
IMAP, iCloud, Exchange and POP3 Emails
iTunes, Google and Microsoft Accounts Assistance
Connecting your Printer to your Mac or Windows PC.

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Service Skills and Counting

Service Categories

Supported Vendors and Technologies, Today.

Find Out How Are We Helping Our Small Business Clients In Different Areas.

Can you help me with Risk Management and Documentation?
IT Infrastructure Risk Assessment
Disaster Recovery Plan – Strategy, Documentation and Implementation
Business Continuity Plan – Planning and Implementation
IT Operations and Procedures Documentation
What about Network Security and IT Solutions?
Network Layout and Topology Documentation
Secure Password Database Implementation
Active Directory – Planning, Implementation and Reporting
User Access Policy – Planning, Implementation and Reporting
Firewall and VPN – Setup and Reporting
Email Hosting – Planning, Implementation and Maintenance
Cloud Solutions | Private and Hybrid – Planning, Implementation and Maintenance
Onsite and Offsite Backup Solutions – Planning, Implementation and Maintenance
Server and Workstation Maintenance
Antivirus Protection Solutions
We would like to manage the IT Cost Centre better...
IT Asset Audit and Management – Asset Registry Database and Reporting
IT Infrastructure Budget – Planning, Implementing and Tracking
IT Infrastructure Hardware and Software Deployments – Licensing Planning
I have heard of Data Mining. Can you help?
Customer Database Mining – Planning, Implementation and Reporting
IT Infrastructure Systems Reporting and Alert System – Planning, Implementation and Reporting.
What is your offer on IT Helpdesk Services?
9×5 Help Desk Services to help your business tackle challenges as soon as possible.
Local guys, that understand and communicate back to you every step of the way.
Pay As You Go option for those that require ad-hoc assistance.
Unlimited Support option for those that want absolute peace of mind.
What about Website Infrastructure?
Domain Name and Website Hosting Management
Email Hosting Management
Website Design and Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your Website, so you can rank better on Google and other search engines.
Ready To Start Web Kits that can suit your needs if you are starting up a new website or overhauling yours.
Consultation Services to help you manage and get the better out of your current website.
We handle Highly Sensitive Data. How can you assist us?
Onsite Backups Setups
Offsite Backups Services
Data Transfer from old computers to new ones.
Data Migrations and Consolidations.
Military Grade Data Encryption Services for High Sensitive Data.
Storage Devices Data Wipe Out Services.
Data Recovery Services for damaged drives. (Not Applicable to all drives and depends on the severity of the damage.)
Data Hiding Techniques and Services for those that require a high level of confidentiality with high sensitive data.
Could you help us with IT Project Management?

Yes. End to End Project Management Services – Documentation, Meetings, Tracking and Handover

3rd Party Software and Implementations

These are the most common 3rd party software applications found in many Australian Small Businesses that run our economy day to day.

Having someone with the expertise to help you troubleshoot, implement, migrate or simply maintain your software applications is mission critical and can avoid issues that may cause interruption to your business natural flow.

Look around some of the technology we have been working with and we are sure you will find you are using at least one if not many of these in your business.

As we continue to service our clients and implement new solutions, the list grows and grows, this is designed to give you an idea of our support range and also get your thoughts moving towards exploring technologies you have heard of but had no one to help you implement it or support it.

Supported 3rd Party Software and Implementations
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Visio
Remote Desktop for Remote Employees
Tax Assistant
LEAP Legal
Dental 4 Windows from Centaur Software
Avaya VoIP
Windows Media Centre
Apple TV
Rackspace Cloud
Domain and Hosted Services Management
Windows Backup
Acronis Backup
TimeMachine and TimeCapsules

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