MEEM – Mirror your life

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  • Secure, automatic back-up of data every time the mobile phone is charged with no third party access
  • Never lose personal data if the phone is lost, stolen or damaged
  • Easy upgrades on major platforms by transferring data from old phones to new
  • Sync data between phones – contacts, calendar, messages etc can be selectively synced
  • No ongoing fees
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MEEM is the only product of its kind in existence.

A phone charger and automatic back-up device all in one cable.

Every time you charge your phone, MEEM automatically backs up the personal data held on it to the cable itself: a simple solution that fits into your daily routine with no third party access to your info. Losing your phone is a nightmare.

Most of us don’t think about protecting our photos, videos and contacts…Until it’s too late. With MEEM it’s simple: just use it like any other charger cable and your precious memories will be automatically mirrored onto the MEEM itself.

You don’t need a PC, you never need the cloud, and you never pay any fees.

So if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, or if you’re simply changing your phone, all the things you care about can be transferred easily to your new phone. Simple. (If using pictures showing plug mention – Plug Not Included)



A premium lifestyle product, MEEM is the best & simple solution to the problem of convenient but secure, reliable, and automatic data back up for your phone.

1) SECURE, AUTOMATIC BACKUP of specific phone data – every time you charge your battery.

2) EASY ‘PLUG & PLAY’ DATA RESTORE: If your phone is ever lost, stolen or damaged, just plug your MEEM into your new phone, restore your data, and you’re good to go!

3) EASY UPGRADES ACROSS ALL MAJOR PLATFORMS: If you’re transferring or upgrading to a new phone, or even a new platform, just plug your MEEM into your new phone, restore your data, and you’re all set.

4) SELECTIVELY SYNC DATA BETWEEN PHONES: A virtually impossible task until now. If you use 2 or more phones, just plug your MEEM to your phone and selectively sync contacts, appointments, or any other information you need.

5) NO EXTRA FEES & UNDER YOUR CONTROL: MEEM will never ask for your personal details or rights to your data for any reason. Your private information is always under your physical control. No hacker abuse. No corporate exploitation. No government intrusion.

Additional information

Mobile OS

iPhone, Android

Transfer Speeds

The data transfer speed is 3 to 4 MBPS (depending on the phone OS and hardware), which is the standard for USB writable devices, and means it will take up to 6 minutes to transfer 1GB of data. The first data transfer will be the longest because all the information is being backed up, but it will be less than the total charging time. Thereafter, back ups will be significantly faster because MEEM only backs-up incremental changes.

Backup App

MEEM works exclusively with the free MEEM App available on at the App Store and Google Play store and requires Apple iOS 7 / Android OS 4.1.2 respectively. MEEM Android will also transfer data from Blackberry (OS7, 10 and above) and Symbian (series 60v3 onward) handsets to the Android platform.

Memory Capacity

MEEM is offered with either Android 16GB and iPhone 32GB. This may not sound a lot when compared to the capacity of some phones, but remember, MEEM is only backing up your personal data that is not available on public sites, such as iTunes.

Our research shows the average Android user has 1.94GB of MEEMable data and the average Apple user 7.68GB, so capacity should not be an issue. iPhone backs up contacts, calendar, photos and videos while Android additionally backs up messages and music.

Charging Rate

The charging rate is up to 2.8A@5V as per maximum charging rate of your phone.

Certified Product

MEEM is already certified CE and FCC and has been MFi (Made For iPhone) approved.