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Maintenance Plans

Small Business Maintenance Plans are different for each case. You may be running your venture just yourself or less than 5 employees at the moment and you feel you do not require maintenance, however our expertise tells us that all IT Infrastructure setups should have a maintenance strategy, to minimise interruptions that will cost your business more in the long run. Our plans are carefully tailored to fit your needs, the best part is our plans are organic and dynamically move with your business needs. Based on our own findings, Small Businesses can save at least 30% in IT Operational Costs if they had a maintenance strategy in place.

Our Goal

Our mission is to get your small business IT Infrastructure running without hiccups and minimise any potential risks that could potentially interrupt your business operations. We will also focus on getting your IT Infrastructure from a Cost Centre to a Revenue Making Machine, by selecting the appropriate technology and implementing processes any business can achieve this. Each business is different and as such our plans are crafted after the first Discovery Session is done, then carefully reviewed as milestones are reached to make sure we are giving you the best value for money.

No Contracts And No Lockups

We believe that our client’s tenure is a direct product of our services and customer satisfaction, therefore we do not force anyone into engaging a contract maintenance agreement, although we do recommend the 6 Months Contract Option. We still maintain our high standards by establishing an agreement to protect both parties in terms of Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Privacy and other categories so we comply with Rules and Regulations of any Australian Service Supplier, but without the exit fees.


Our Small Business Maintenance Plans include a series of regular tasks that every IT Manager or IT Supplier should be doing for their customers. Constant monitoring and reviewing of the current state gives us the ability to evaluate risks and make sure we are helping you address it with recommendations and projects. The Add-Ons are designed to complement the service and it also helps reduce risk in a lot of areas, which means that implementing add-ons will help lowering the risk and that will lead to a cost effective maintenance plan. Check out the add-on section here for more information.


12 Months Contract Option

This option is for those that want to feel even more security. We understand some businesses require contract service agreements to comply with internal policies. Our Contract clients then have access to exclusive rewards not available in any other plan. Some of these rewards include, access to up to 30% discount on your monthly fee, monthly service rates are locked in, forever, as the contracts are renewed and more.


Business Uptime Target


Small Businesses have Mission Critical IT Infrastructure


IT Cost Reduction

From $9.99 / day...Our Commitment Starts Here.

Maintenance Risk Assessment

We would love if all our clients where in the LOW Risk Zone however the real situation is very different and small businesses are at risk from interruptions, data loss, cyber attacks or disgruntled employees with access to sensitive data. At the Beach Geek, we have designed a way to evaluate your IT Infrastructure’s Risk Level in 10 minutes. On our first appointment, a detailed questionnaire will give us an indication of critical areas of your IT Infrastructure and recommendations of maintenance plans will follow. Almost immediately after, we will start looking at cost effective changes and improvements that can be made to Lower those risks and increase your IT Infrastructure productivity, so technology starts working for you. The plans below will serve as a guideline for you so you can quickly compare our service value with other firms and get a better idea of our offer and price range. However the exact price can only be determined after the Risk Evaluation is completed. And if you have already decided you would like to give us a go, then book a 30 minutes FREE OBLIGATION appointment now.

30 Minutes FREE Consultation

All our Maintenance Plans Include:

Unlimited Remote Support* – Response within 2 business days Unlimited Onsite Emergency Incident Support** Support for Printers and Network Devices*** Scheduled Regular Onsite Visits Quarterly IT Risk Management Evaluation Quarterly IT Project Planning

Low Risk Environments

Medium Risk Environments

High Risk Environments


*Unlimited Support has a response time of 2 business days from the time the support request is received. Support request MUST be sent via email to the designated email address provided to you as a maintenance client. It is also for legitimate IT Support Requests classified as Level 1, 2 or 3 that as a result of the impact is stopping the customer from using the IT Infrastructure. Abusive clients will be warned and the maintenance plan may be terminated at anytime without any refund of remaining balance. **An Emergency IT Incident is classified as a total interruption of any Mission Critical IT Infrastructure, described on your maintenance contract. Example: If a server is considered as a Mission Critical component, then in the event it crashes, this will be treated as an Emergency IT Incident and dealt with High Priority and Unlimited Onsite Support if required. ***Printers and Network Devices, such as Routers and Switches will be supported, however the Beach Geek reserves the right of excluding such devices in your plan apart from computers and servers. This means that a plan 4-8 devices, includes: Computers, Routers, Switches, Servers and Printers, unless excluded by management. Most of the time these are excluded from the count. These plans are ONLY a guideline, since may combinations are possible, depending on Risk Levels and Number of devices, the Beach Geek recommends that a Maintenance Risk Assessment is done to guarantee the most accurate price according to your situation. The Beach Geek reserves the right to change the rates of the plans without previous notice and these changes will be effective immediately from the start of the next calendar month.

Add Ons

Add Ons are designed to compliment your maintenance service and lower the risk of your IT Infrastructure. Automation, Monitoring and Notification are key areas for your IT Infrastructure that can prevent little issues that are the most cause of service interruption for small businesses nowadays. The Add Ons we offer you, create a stable environment that allow us to keep an eye on things as well as leverage the use of technology for your business. A perfect example is the Automated Offsite package. This add on allows your file server to automatically replicate your precious data to a secure Offsite location, notifying us that the transfer has been completed and keeping record of the transactions. Many businesses have suffered drawbacks simply because their Offsite Backup Strategy is not present or too manual, which results in inconsistent and untested backups.

IT for Small Businesses, We Give You Value For Money.

Our rates and plans are designed to be competitive. We commit to every project, every challenge and every client equally and want the same results, Happy Customers and Working Systems.