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Love them or hate them, there’s no doubt that Apple know what they’re good at, and the launch of the new iPhone 7 was no exception. As usual, people across the globe logged on, tuned in and waited with bated breath to see what this new handset would offer. Here, we take a look at the most important things you need to know about the iPhone 7.

By: MeeM Memory

It’s not waterproof – but it IS water resistant

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend you take it swimming with you, the new handset is said to be water, splash and dust resistant. So you can stop panicking if you knock your drink on it.

It’s camera promises to be the best yet

If you’re looking at the iPhone 7, rather than the plus, then you’ll benefit from a 12MP camera at the front and rear, but if you opt for the plus, you’ll really benefit. The 7 plus has a nifty dual camera system, which gives you wide angle and telephoto options.

It’s faster

As expected, the new iPhone 7 is said to be faster and more efficient. In fact, Apple claim that the quad core A10 Fusion processor makes it twice as fast as it’s predecessor.

Your battery should last longer

Despite the hefty speeds you’re new handset will be working at, Apple also claim it won’t drain your batter faster. In fact, battery life is said to have been vastly improved.

There’s more storage – if you pay for it

New options for your handset include a hefty 256GB option, ideal for those forever running out of memory. For those of us without unlimited funds, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an option for 32GB and 128GB.

There’s no headphone jack!

It had been rumoured for some time that Apple would do away with the headphone jack, so this did not come as a surprise to many. It’s not the MOST popular decision Apple have ever made, but true Apple enthusiasts will understand why it had to be done. Apple will now be offering 2 types of headphone – one that connects through the lightning port (putting paid to listening to music while your phone is on charge) and the other being ‘air pods’, which connect wirelessly.

Whether you’re an Android or Apple fan, you’re sure to agree that this latest offering is a step up from the last, and although critics may be worried about the fact that the phone isn’t waterproof, and at the price of obtaining more storage, we, at MEEM, think they’re pretty great, especially if you’re a keen phone photographer!

Of course, if you’re one of the lucky ones that get their hands on one of these coveted new iPhones – we’ll save you one job. Using the MEEM cable to transfer your data from your old iPhone or Android to your spectacular new handset is quick and simple, and will allow you to explore all of the new iPhone 7 features without spending hours transferring all your contacts, calendars and other indispensable data across!

Source: MeeM Memory