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There are many mums that value the importance of staying connected, using technology in their everyday life to help them juggle the responsibilities of family life, capture and share special moments and memories and stay in touch with family and friends.

By: Meem Memory

Life is busy enough with children, and if not balanced carefully, technology can quickly monopolise our time and become more of a priority than it should, effectively distracting us from our families instead of using it as a tool to help manage a household or to capture precious pictures of your children and document the memories and occasions that mean so much.

How Much Do Mums Use Their Phones?

The statistics clearly show that mums use their phones – a LOT. Well over 90% of mums use their phones daily, with half of those using it to take pictures of their children (capturing video is also a popular pastime). All of this media means a huge amount of photos and personal footage that is important to the family. However, when it comes to storing this media safely, many mums worry about the loss of their precious pictures. Here at MEEM, we feel we’ve found the perfect solution.

How Does MEEM Help?

MEEM is a great accessory for connected mums trying to maximise family time, protect their families personal moments and store images and videos safely so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. MEEM is a charging cable that simultaneously backs up your important files and information from your smart phone. This means you don’t waste precious energy agonising over what could happen if you lost or phone, or indeed, scrambling to get all those important contact back on to a new phone. Plug in your MEEM to a new phone when it’s ready, input the PIN and your latest key data such as contacts, messages, videos, photos and calendars will be automatically restored. What mum doesn’t want more time to spend on more important things than messing about with restoring data that’s lost or even the tedious process of upgrading?

Security Is Key

Security is also a concern for many mums who are well connected to social media. Having private pictures of loved ones fall into the wrong hands is a terrifying thought. MEEM provides worried mums with the security needed to rest easy, keeping files safe and secure and not requiring use of any cloud storage. MEEM users retain their backups so they are always right where you want them to be, when you need them.

While we all love showing off our beautiful families, we don’t always want to share everything, and there are things that are meant for specific eyes only. MEEM provides a secure place to store all of your files, and gives you one less thing to worry about- after all, we know you’ve got enough on your plate!

Source: Meem Memory