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Help Me Fridays…!

Our initiative to help our community where we can, here is how it works.

During these uncertain times we have been trying to provide all the support we can to our community. Help Me Fridays is aimed to the businesses and individuals that somehow have been directly or indirectly impacted by COVID19 and all the economic downturn that has come with it.

At the Beach Geek we have always been about being fair and provide the best quality to all our clients. We now feel there is a strong need for Technology and we want to make sure we are there for you to support you and offer the best transition or experience between you and the systems you have to engage from now on.

We also understand not all businesses and individuals are in a prime economic position so we have decided to support our community by introducing:

Help Me Fridays

This initiative is our pledge to you, our community, so you know we are here when needed and happy to help, no questions asked.

That is why all our bookings received on Fridays will be 100% FREE of charge. We are donating our time to you. To support you and your family and your business during these critical times.


What you need to know…

Booking your Help Me Fridays appointment as simple as 1..2..3

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What is included?

Those important details you MUST know about the Help Me Fridays appointments.

The Details:

This offer is based on the disposition of our contracted workforce and may not be available in your area.

At the moment we are ONLY offering Help Me Fridays in the Great Lakes of the Mid North Coast. From Smiths Lake to Taree.

The offer is only valid for bookings made on Fridays during available times. This CAN be a REMOTE APPOINTMENT (TELE APPOINTMENT)

The offer is only for our consultation time and does not include any hardware or software licenses that you may need to purchase.

The consultation is the same as our normal consultation and includes anything you want us to do for you in regards to your tech. For Example:

– Computer Repairs, Mac or Windows PC.
– WiFi installation or Diagnostics.
– Cloud systems setup.
– New computer setup.
– Transfer data from one computer to another.
– Help setting up your NBN.
– Assistance with your smart TV.
– Setup new mobile devices, cloud accounts and apps.
– Review of your systems, processes or technology in use. This will suit any small business.
– Lessons on how to use the systems and technology at hand.
– Setup or review backup systems.

As you can see the list is extensive and it does not stop there, pretty much anything we can do on a normal visit we will do for you at no cost.

We Recommend:

1) Have a list ready of all the things you would like us to review, fix or advise during the appointment.

2) Most families and small businesses have more than one device and we recommend you look at all the things you would like to have our geek look at during this consultation.

3) Take the time to think on tasks that you always wanted to get sorted, so you take advantage of this offer and get the most value.

Some examples of tasks that usually need fixing are:

– Photos and Music file consolidation or cleanup.
– iCloud accounts setup on multiple devices.
– Sync calendars and emails on multiple devices.
– Setup multiple devices on a home network and access to printers.
– Backup review and execution for multiple devices.
– Parental control setups on multiple devices.
– Any project you have in mind that will require our geeks to work for a couple or few hours to get it done.

4) Although there is no limit to the appointment time we will do our best to complete during a reasonable time, our aim is to service as many clients as possible during this day. However if your appointment requires extra visits, your technician will offer you a spot for the following available Friday to continue the works.

Our Guidelines to COVID-19

Yours and your family’s safety as well as our safety are our number 1 priority.

Our first take for Help Me Fridays is to try and help you our via remote access. That means we will ask you to download our secure remote support software to install in your computer and then with a secure ID and password that ONLY YOU will know, access to your computer will be granted.

Some times it may not be possible to complete the session remotely and we may need to come onsite, so our second take will be to try and collect the computer or device from your premises and work on it offsite, once completed we will return it to you.

Lastly if there is no option but to be onsite, we will attend to your home or place of work strictly following all the Social Distancing rules and all safety precautions.

Below are our guidelines, please read this carefully before booking an appointment.

Please remember we see a lot of people in short periods of time and we are taking every possible measure to protect our field technicians from contracting COVID19, it is very important that if you have been in contact with someone who has been infected or you are not feeling well, please disclose the information to our staff immediately.

Please be aware that changes to your appointment and the way the appointment is carried out are subject to change at any time.

• If you have been feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone who you know have been diagnosed with COVID19 you MUST disclose it to us. We will then take the appropriate measures to carry on the service or decide to cancel it if deemed too risky.

• Our technicians may call you in advance and determine if the appointment can be carried out using remote services, in which case you will be guided to setup our approved remote service software in your computer for us to login remotely.

• Our technicians may consider taking your computer away and work on it offsite instead of completing all the work at your premises.

• If the technician has to be present onsite, we please ask you to have a list written down with all the enquiries and information we require, also please maintain the 1.5 Meters rule, we suggest you relocate your computer to a bigger room before the appointment and in case you cannot do that please respect the technicians’ working area.

• We understand disinfectant spray and wipes are scarce, however we would truly appreciate if you can please apply any disinfectant to your keyboard and mouse as well as the surface area where the technician will work prior the appointment and once done please do not use it until the appointment is completed.

• If you require the technician to check any mobile device as phone or tablet, please make sure these are cleaned and disinfected prior handing it to the technician.

• If the technician chooses to wear a mask and gloves during the appointment it is only to maintain everyone’s safety and it does not mean they are infected or feeling unwell.

• If you wish to wear a mask during the appointment please feel free to do so.

We are all in this together and the situation is constantly evolving so we continue to monitor it and adapt as required.

Remote Assistance Guidelines

Secure, Fast and Easy to setup. It will be like being there next to you.

The Details:

Remote Assistance can be achieved on your computer, it can be a Mac or a Windows PC.

For us to access your Screen remotely we require you download an install our secure remote support software which is available here:

the Beach Geek’s Remote Software

This software will require you to start it and it will give you an ID which will prompt us to connect to your computer.

We will ONLY connect after we have established a phone call with you and have started the appointment remotely.

Please note we will not send you an email or a text message requesting any passwords or access to your computer. It will only be done over the phone by our selected technician.



During the appointment we will prefer to talk to you over the phone, however video calling is available using the following platforms:

– Facetime
– Whatsapp



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